News from the group:
CAMDA'18 Conference
ISMB Track
7-8 July 2018,
Chicago, U.S.A.
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Outstanding Presentation Prize
for MM Kańduła
at CAMDA'17
Outstanding Presentation Prize
for PP Łabaj
at CAMDA'15 (photo)
OeAW APART fellowship
for PP Łabaj

Sequencing Quality Control (SEQC) project,
MAQC Consortium 2011–2014 (read more)
Host–parasite interactions in biocontrol, WWTF grant 2010–2013 (read more)

Power and limitations of RNA-Seq,
FDA SEQC, Nature Biotechnology (read more)
Characterization and improvement of RNA-Seq precision,
Bioinformatics (read more)
Impact of heavy tails in microarray analysis, Bioinformatics (read more)
Novel conserved repeats in sorting signals,
FEBS Journal (read more)
Sound sensation gene,
Nature communications
(read more)
RNA interference in ageing research,
Gerontology (read more)

The department prides itself in a flat hierarchy and an interdisciplinary faculty.

Key partners past & present

David P. Kreil, Ph.D. +43 1 47654 79163   Office: 'Apartment' 06/61.2
WWTF Chair of Bioinformatics, Head

Integration of computational and quantitative experimental methods


Peter Sykacek, Ph.D. +43 1 47654 79165   Office: 'Apartment' 06/61.3
Head of Analytical Methods Development

Probabilistic models, sensor fusion, data analysis


Nancy Stralis Pavese, Ph.D. +43 1 47654 79153/79154/79157   Office: office 06/10; Lab Anex 06/02.3
Head of genomics laboratory

Genome-scale quantitative assays, method development & optimization, Drosophila host–parasite interactions, meta-genomics


Paweł P. Łabaj, Ph.D. +43 1 47654 79159   Office: analytics 06/11
Austrian Academy of Sciences, APART research fellow

Gene expression analysis, data integration and workflow systems


Maciej M. Kańduła, M.Sc. +43 1 47654 79159   Office: analytics 06/11
Marshall Plan Foundation, Research fellow

Workflow systems, analysis automation and data mining


Regular visitors and affiliates

Alexandra Graf, Ph.D. +43 1 47654 30849   Office:
FH Professor

Sequence analysis


Nadine Tatto, DI (FH) +43 1 47654 30848   Office:
Bioinformatics analyst, Pre-doctoral research fellow

Processing, analysis and visualization of biological data